Which Property Survey is Right for me?

Which Building Survey?If you are buying, selling, leasing, renting or even just living in a property, you should seriously consider instructing a professional to carry out a survey. For too many property purchasers, the decision on whether or not to get a survey leads to its omission. The extra cost is often offputting, but many don't fully appreciate the level of cost, time and frustration a property, however new, can cause them.

Surveyors provide a wide range of services that can open a property purchaser's eyes to the realities of what is often the biggest investment of their lives - without breaking the bank.

The information below is provided primarily as a guide for property purchasers through the myriad of choices the surveyor may present to them when they ask for a quote. The list is not exhaustive and any good surveyor will be pleased to provide a bespoke property survey focusing on your exact requirements. Don't be afraid to ask for such a survey, if it is what would suit you best.

Which Property Survey?All of the building surveys, condition reports and valuations listed are suitable not only for those seeking to buy a house, but for clients who already own their property as well, particularly for those who want to highlight early on the issues that may obstruct their sale, so that they may be rectified before marketing. In addition to those listed below, most surveyors will do a focused report on a single defect (like a damp wall, localised cracking etc.).

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If you have further questions about the types of survey available or would be interested in booking a survey, go to the 'contact us' page and speak with one of our Chartered Surveyors.

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