The RICS Condition Report

Which Building Survey? The Condition Report is a new addition to the available reports for purchasers of commercial or residential property. Effectively, this form of survey is a 'light' version of the HomeBuyer Survey. Like the HomeBuyer, it is not considered to be a 'building survey'.

This type of report operates on a traffic light system, with each section of the house given a colourful rating as to its condition. Risks are summarised and a valuation is not included.

Condition ReportLike the HomeBuyer survey, the Condition Report also has its place in the market, but the lack of information and low-level of detail of such a survey makes it unsuitable for all but the tightest budget or the newest property. If a significant defect was to be found at the property, the report would include very little information on the problem and extra information, at extra cost, would be required to ascertain matters like the potential cost of repair works.

The lack of detail in the Condition Report is deemed to be so accute that this is not a report offered by the Right Surveyors. All right Surveyors Surveyors seek to fulfill their clients' best interests and the many alternatives available, some at an only slightly increased cost, are considered to provide far greater value for money.

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