Full Building Survey

Which Building Survey?Building surveys involve a detailed inspection of the subject property and the preparation of a report that is designed to address the specific needs and interests of the client, whilst providing a comprehensive overview.

The extent of inspection and the method of reporting will be agreed when the client instructs a surveyor to proceed and will be confirmed in the Conditions of Engagement; including such matters as specialist reports (e.g. focus on services; environmental aspects etc). Guidance and detailed comment will be given on individual defects, cost of repair and any other aspects of concern. Where specialists or tests are required (eg. Mundic block tests, structural engineers) these can be organised by the surveyor and included in the overall cost.

Full Building SurveyThe level of detail in such a report is comprehensive and this is the very highest level of survey available for pre-purchase requirements. As a building survey, the focus is investigative and this style of report will provide the most information on a property where defects are evident; including advice on what you should do to rectify the problems.

Although a Building Survey is relevant for all types of modern buildings, it is particularly useful and informative for older structures, "Listed Buildings" and those which have been extended, or are used commercially; for flats and other premises with leasehold title or as a preliminary to preparation of a Schedule of Condition. The level of detail in such a report is typically excessive for a normal purchaser, who may wish to refer to the House Purchase Survey Report as an excellent alternative.

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