Major Elements Survey

Which Building Survey?The Major Elements Survey is most similar to the House Purchase Survey Report (HPSR). In terms of level of detail, the fact that they are both non-invasive and the fact that they are both investigative building surveys, they are much the same.

The crucial difference lies in the coverage. Whereas the HPSR covers all aspects of the property, the Major Elements Survey focuses only on the load bearing aspects. Thus, walls, roofs, fenestrations and so on are all covered, but aspects like decorative state, external joinery and so on are omitted. This saves time for the surveyor and money for the client.

Major Elements SurveyThis type of report is typically best for those on a tight budget, who still want a good level of detail in their survey. Defects will be highlighted, investigated and explained in such a report, just like in the HPSR or the Full Building Survey.

A Major Elements Survey is suitable for almost all types of property, residential or commercial. Where the property is extremely old or complex, or where extensive renovations or extensions are planned, a Full Building Survey may be more appropriate.

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